Homestyle Beef Burgers

by | Nov 28, 2020 | Recipe, Relishes, Tomato Relish Recipes

Homestyle Beef Burgers

Who doesn’t love a burger! They’re very ‘on trend’ at the moment as well with a trendy burger shop seemingly open on every corner. But there’s nothing quite like a homemade one. Steer clear of buying them ready made from the supermarket, goodness knows what’s in them. This simple recipe will hardly take any time at all to throw together and will be packed full of so much more flavour!

I battled for a while to get the consistency of my burger patties right. It’s a fine line between too greasy and too dry. Too dry obviously means the burger isn’t tasty as it could be but it also means the pattie is likely to fall apart. Too greasy is tricky to eat and a bit of a mess.

So I’ve found the perfect middle ground. The juiciness of the patty comes from the fat content of the meat so don’t bother buying the ‘extra lean’ stuff. That’s also the reason we add a little Dodo’s Infused Olive Oil into the recipe. The oil makes sure the pattie is juicy and the infused flavours add depth to the pattie. Also, by adding some of Dodo’s Tomato Relish into the mix you get all the flavour from the relish added into the pattie.

Once you’ve made the pattie treat it like a steak. If you’ve read our tips on cooking steak you’ll know what we mean. Season the pattie, oil the pattie and place it on a hot grill. Flip it once. That’s it. Treat it simply and with the right flavour mix in the pattie that’s all you need.

The toppings are up to you. We love the full flavour of Dodo’s Tomato Relish of course and our caramalised onions are great. Pickles are essential and Dodo’s Bread and Butter Pickles melt in your mouth.

Enjoy our classic beef burger however you like but make sure you share your burger construction and tag us on your socials.


  • Beef mince | 500g

  • Brown onion | 1 small

  • Garlic | 2 cloves

  • Egg, lightly beaten | 1

  • Fresh breadcrumbs | ½ cup

  • Dodo’s Delights Infused Olive Oil | 1 tbsp

  • Dodo’s Delights Tomato Relish | 2 tbsp

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Grate onion finely

Step 2

Crush garlic gloves

Step 3

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl. For best results use your hands to combine until mixture holds shape when formed into balls.

Step 4

Form mixture into balls, squeezing the mix together hard helps to bind the mix.

Step 5

To cook, place in hot frypan or on BBQ plate, flatten using spatula.

Step 6

Cook for 5 minutes per side, flipping only once.

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