Building The Perfect Grazing Box

by | Aug 11, 2021 | Featured Recipe, Relishes, Tips & Tricks

Build The Perfect Grazing Box

We were doing grazing plates before they were the trend. But there’s an art to the perfect platter. Here’s our tips for building the perfect grazing box when you’re next entertaining.

We love entertaining. If you come round to either Rhonda or Lee’s house you’ll be greeted by a platter of deliciousness. We were doing grazing boxes before they were the trend. Over years and years, we’ve put together so many platters that we’ve got it down to a fine art. Our platters now take the form of grazing boxes on our catering menu. But there’s an art to the perfect platter and so we thought we’d share our tips with you. 

1. Ingredients. 

This one goes without saying so we put it first. Fresh, high-quality ingredients are always going to be better. Of course, our relishes feature on all of our platters and in all of our grazing boxes. They’re all homemade with the best local ingredients and packed with flavour. But pick your meats and cheeses with care as well. We always head to our local deli. Their quality is not only better than the supermarket but their selection is great and they can even help with pairings. 

2. Variety. 

A good variety is key. The beauty of a platter or a grazing box is that there’s something for everyone. You want to have a good variety and have to consider the tastes and dietary requirements of your guests. We like ingredients that tick a couple of boxes. Something like marinated, grilled veggies are good because they’re good for any vegans but they’re also flavourful enough for everyone. 

3. Quantity. 

Getting the balance right is important. You don’t have to have equal amounts of everything. Only one person in our family really likes blue cheese so there’s definitely more cheddar than blue. You also want to make sure there’s enough of everything. We fill the platter but always have a bit spare in the fridge just in case. If you need it, great. If you don’t then there’s your afternoon tea for tomorrow sorted. Also, always have more crackers than you think you’ll need. They run out first.

4. Presentation.

A good share platter or grazing box should be approached like a work of art as well as a foodie gift. You want it all balanced out. Colours, shapes and ingredients. Folding all of your meats and placing them in one area is going to look too ‘the same’. It also means someone sitting on the other side of the table has to reach over every time they want some meat. You can see in our pictures that we spread things around. This is for ease of access as well as the aesthetic.

5. The Actual Platter.

Choosing the right platter or box is a huge part of nailing the presentation. There are two things to consider first. You can go for the sparse and spread approach. This allows each ingredient to have its own place. It’s also good for picky eaters who might not want the soft cheese ‘infecting’ the salami. There’s also the packed and plentiful approach. This presents a full, colourful offering to your guests. This decision might be determined by the size of the platter or box you have or by the number of guests but it’s definitely something to consider. 

So there are five of our tips on creating a great entertaining platter or grazing box. You can see some more examples of ours on our Facebook and Instagram. Our gift pack of small jars is perfect to add our relishes to any platter or box.
If you’ve got any tips or any platters you’d like to show off, or want to let us know how you’ve used these tips tag us on your socials when you’re next entertaining. We love to see what other people are doing.

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